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Learn dozens of languages with the Anki method


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Anki is a tool that's mainly intended for language learning (primarily for Japanese) although it can be applied to any other language, or even to any other type of study that isn't related to learning new languages.

Its method is based on questions and answers. Anki displays a question and waits for a correct response. When you're ready, Anki will show the correct answer, which you can compare with with yours. Then, after you've obtained the results, Anki will propose a study plan related to that specific question.

This plan is the key to Anki, as it guides you in studying and reviewing different topics according to your right and wrong answers. It's based on the Anki method, which claims to guarantee convincing results. If you want to try a new study method out of necessity or just out of curiosity, Anki offers an interesting alternative that's backed by a large number of students.